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  • group's experience is in its key employees and previously developed software.
  • Every new project will include changes to previously developed software.
  • Thoroughly testing software products is usually not economically feasible.
  • Consequently, it is almost impossible to develop a quality stable baseline design.

The What If We Programmable Code Generator (PCG) provided a practical, economical means of developing software source files in accordance to enforceable standard processes and methods.  This was accomplished by dividing the development process into the following two steps:

  • The development of a library from a collection of Software Kits.
  • The development of the product source files using this Software Kit Library.

The What If We Programmable Monte-Carlo Test System (PMTS) was designed to rapidly subject an executable, module such as a subroutine, or software part to a large number of test sequences prepared randomly from a set of defining rules.

  • For each test sequence, the PMTS writes, compiles, and executes a test program.
  • Error conditions that must be detected can be specified.
  • Software Modules and Kits can be tested for resistance to programming errors during the development process.
  • The "Divide and Conquer" capabilities designed into the PMTS greatly improve the effectiveness of test effort.

The What If We Programmable Software Development Environment (PSDE) provides a greatly enhanced combination of the PCG and the PMTS.  Specifically:

  • Portability between different machines, operating systems, and product source files.
  • A greatly enhanced error detection capabilities.
  • Larger projects developed from multiple tasks, each of which result in  well-defined and fully tested work-product.

These programs strongly support the PDCA cycle which is the foundation of ISO9001. 

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