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A free open-source download of the Beta version 2 of a Programmable Software Development Environment (PSDE) contains an advanced PCG and PMTS capability with the following management control capabilities:
  • A software parts library can include other software parts libraries in its definition.  This property facilitates the division of a large project into a set of manageable small tasks, each of which produce a fully tested software product.  These products include:

    • Source Code Files in any of the standard computing languages such as C, C++, and C#.

    • A software parts library to be used in a subsequent task or as a standard.

    • A "Post Office" communication file containing critical data to be used in a subsequent task.

  • Quality assurance can proactively manage, select, and/or develop the kits of software parts that will be used exclusively in the development of product.  These kits will become the standard processes and methods require by ISO-9001

  • The large, relatively unmanageable complex source files where different versions are implemented with conditional compilations can be replaced by various collections of simple, stable software parts kits and source definition files which represent the various versions and operating systems.

  • The use of software parts kits exclusively in the development of other kits and products will more evenly distribute the knowledge over the entire development team thus reducing the vulnerability of the organization of to a few key software engineers.

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