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A free open-source download of the Beta version 2 of a Programmable Software Development Environment (PSDE) contains an advanced PCG and PMTS capability with the following portable software development benefits:
  • All of the files defining a project and its tasks can be made completely portable between machines and operating systems using several arguments of the command line.

    • The Linux UBUNTU 9.04 and the Windows XP Professional versions of the PSDE have both properly processed a single project contained on a USB Memory Stick.

    • Different Software Parts Kits can be used for version-specific implementations.  This includes different operating systems, output languages and user interfaces (command line, GUI, etc).

    • The "Post Office" data base eliminates the need for the #define statement commonly used in C and C++.  This expands the software portability capabilities of the PSDE to C#

    • The Nine command line arguments provide a means of providing version-specific data.  This includes system specific file information and different software kits.

  • Rigorously Portable Design Methods provides a greatly improved product data base.

    • The large conditionally complied source files are eliminated.

    • The large complex source files are replaced by a collection of simple software parts and source generation files.

    • Strict Portability "raises the bar" relative to the development of a set of standard software part kits to be used in the development of product.  This greatly increases the stability and quality of the development/maintenance process.

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