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The Job is not completed until the paper-work is done and there will always be some documents to  prepare.  It may be as simple as a summary report or as complex as a Factory Acceptance Test procedure for a military project.

My most recent major documentation project was and still is the preparation and maintenance of the Manual for the Programmable Software Development Environment.  I found that I could make the manual more manageable and easier to use by using a large collection of *.html files., each of which  presented a particular topic. Originally I used Word and Front Page.  Unfortunately, these programs were not easy to use in this effort.

It occurred to me that there were only a few basic "styles" that I used in the preparation of the manual and that I could develop a standard software parts kit for preparing this documents.   These standards and Programmable Software Development Environment is greatly simplifying the maintenance of the Manual and makes the process compliant with the principles of ISO-9001.

In a similar manner,  I am  beginning to develop another standard software parts kit for the preparation of resumes.  In this case, two text files are concurrently being created; one that is printer friendly and the other that can be easily pasted into a window of a web-site (one line for each paragraph).

Rigorously enforceable standard methods makes common documentation tasks much easier.

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