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The What If We Programmable Software Development Environment greatly facilitates the development of:
  • A unique set of local tokens for each module used in the program
  • A unique set of global tokens for the entire program.
  • The software for relating the global tokens to the local tokens.

The PSDE greatly facilitates the creation of different sets of tokens for the same product. This capability can be quite useful relative to intellectual property protection and security requirements.

These collection of tokens and associated modules greatly facilitates the use of state machines in a globally consistent manner.  Benefits include:

  • Elimination of the uncorrected errors due to logical sneak paths.
  • Better self-documentation in all source code and source definition files.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to improved PM/FL error reports.
  • Much greater resistance to an illegal reverse engineering effort.

The software genetics tokens can also be used to cryptographically certify data communication.  The required pseudo random generator can be defined by the tokens that are assigned to:

  • The transmitter port.
  • The receiver port
  • The data structure.
  • The data name.

This technique has been effectively used for communication between modules within a program without any observable loss in bandwidth.    Also, the ease of producing a unique set of tokens for a specific installation can improve the overall communication security of the installation.

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